For more than 15 years, Larry Greenfield served OPUS Trading of Jericho, New York. He began his career with the firm as a trader’s assistant and worked his way up to become one of OPUS’ top traders. Recognizing his talent, the firm eventually promoted him to desk leader and partner, positions that required him to mentor up-and-coming employees. Larry Greenfield attributes his professional success in part to his commitment to best practices such thorough investment research, risk management, and continuous evaluation of buy and sell patterns.

In his private life, Mr. Greenfield enjoys playing golf with TaylorMade brand clubs. He has played at the Old Westbury Golf and Country Club as well as the Spring Lake Golf Club. Apart from golf, he stays up-to-date with current events by reading the New York Times and Barron's Magazine.

Recently, Larry Greenfield’s brother acquired a liquor store, and the purchase has afforded the former the opportunity to develop his taste for wine. He is especially fond of Napa Valley cabernets.

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